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Please can I move into this space, now? Our flat is a tip and a mean a complete tip! A mixture of school holidays and sickness, I’ve just had no time to pay any attention to my own space. This stunning place designed by Studio Niels is just what I need to give me that push and start getting things organised.

Found with thanks via Nordic Design
Urban City Villa, photographed for Studio Niels

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It all started when I found India Rose on Instagram and that is when my girl crush began, as well as my slide and socks crush. That girl has got style! I love her laid back approach to fashion and how relaxed and comfortable her style is. As for the whole socks and slide trend, I love it! I have tried to wear this look with my Adidas slides and I am afraid to say I didn’t rock this look, however I am loving my socks and trainers combo!

A little inspiration put together to sway your minds.. Are you into socks and trainers or even with slides?

Charlie May|India Rose|Michael Mayren #SocksnSlides|India Rose Instagram

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Something divine for the eyes to look at this Monday, wouldn’t it be nice to have a kitchen like this? If I was to design a kitchen for our family, I would just want it to look like this. Hidden storage is the key, especially when it comes to the look in this kitchen. The added dark wood gives the kitchen another dimension and marries well with the large wooden frame around the window, setting the scene of outside nicely.

found via ArchDaily