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Tomorrow me and my husband are leaving for a little city break to Barcelona, I can not wait. I have been looking forward to returning to Barcelona after we left around seven years ago (After staying for a year). It will be so nice to return and see the city again with a different outlook. Near the end of our stay I fell pregnant and suffered from severe morning sickness. I literally couldn’t do anything and I just wanted to get back to the comfort of my own home and city. So for some time we have been looking to go back, and tomorrow it is!
Today I was trying to decide what to pack, I really hate this part. My aim is always pack lightly, but I find this incredible difficult and it just results in me making a massive mess and getting stressed. This time I hung all my outfits up, so I could see clearly what I am packing planning each days outfit, I think it worked rather well and the results is a not so overflowing suitcase.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and to a good week.

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I really feel like its time for a change in the boys room. I am really not sure what I want to do with their space, but lately I have felt that it has been lacking something! Maybe its just me getting tried of the same prints and textiles, and with kids rooms I am forever tidying and cleaning there space. I was thinking of possibly adding a light grey bottom border, in an effort to mask the grubby marks that get left behind from jumping on the bed when they play their superhero games.  I  don’t want to do anything to permanent in their little room, many ideas floating around so maybe I will ask Oliver what he would like.

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I love these summer days, the flat gets so bright and the light floods in from the large front windows. I took these pictures around 7 in the evening, thats how bright the flat gets and I feel rather lucky to get this much light. Not many words today, I just liked how the space looked after the boys were tucked up in bed and the flat was tidied from the days mess.
I should also mention the beautiful light that sits on the fireplace. It is designed by the lovely Catherine Lovatt, we are all familiar with her work and her famous candle holders that we all admire. This gorgeous ’52 weeks’ light is from her recent collection, more to come so stay tuned with better images of the light.