Silent Magic of Christmas by ARTILLERIET STUDIO

With Christmas fast approaching, you may be looking for a few last minute gifts because you’re struggling to find things for some special people in your life that you think they’ll like, or maybe you haven’t even started Christmas shopping at all and are hoping you can hold off until last minute and get everything delivered next day delivery. I think I might fall into this, this year.  I’ve written a list, I just need to get started.

No matter what your Christmas shopping style, I’ve put together this post for you to give you some ideas on things you can give to people that actually say you care – instead of just giving another random thing you bought for the sake of giving them a gift.

A trip

I’ve spoken about this before, but nothing says you care more than when you want to help someone have a wonderful experience through travelling. Giving a trip as a Christmas gift is not only a great idea because it’s something that they can enjoy and look forward to later, but it’s something that will actually enrich their life and not just end up gathering dust in the back of a drawer because it’s not getting used. If you know there’s somewhere particular your friend or loved one would really love to visit, then booking them a surprise trip to send them there or go with them is a truly great Christmas gift idea that they will love and that definitely says you care.

A Day out

Like a trip, there’s not a lot that comes close to actually spending time with someone and making memories together as a Christmas gift. Nowadays there are so many places you can go to enjoy a great day out, it doesn’t have to cost a lot, and you certainly don’t have to travel far if you’re not able or don’t want to. There are endless options available for days out, you’ll easily find something to suit them.

A special picture

A picture really can speak a thousand words and make the ideal personal Christmas gift when you want to show someone you care. You can get them a beautiful picture made very affordable in most places, and if you don’t want to go the traditional photo route, you can get a picture made as a drawing, a painting, or made as a canvas. Giving someone this for Christmas inside a beautiful frame from somewhere like will really be something that will show you care enough to get them something unique and personal to them.

Something handmade

Anything that’s handmade will always say you care more than something that everyone can buy in a store. Taking the time to make something by hand shows that you put effort, time, energy, and thought into a gift and since it’s likely one of a kind, then they’re going to be the only one who has it. In this day and age, thanks to technology and various online tools, you can easily make pretty much anything by hand, so depending on your creative abilities, you could make them a t-shirt, candles, picture frames, perfume, or even just a traditional Christmas hamper that includes all of their favourite goodies inside.

Silent Magic of Christmas by ARTILLERIET STUDIO

Something you know they really want

There’s a big difference between want and need, and most people when they buy something for themselves will buy the things they need, or at least think they need. If you know that special person in your life really wants something, but they’d never buy it for themselves either because they think it’s too expensive or just have trouble treating themselves, then if you want to show them you care, then why not get it for them? It’s also often not something massive or over the top, but it can be something as simple as a bottle of perfume, some jewellery, or even something like a visit to a day spa.

There are plenty of ways to show you care with the Christmas gifts you give, and most of the time you just need to put a little extra thought into things.

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