Applesauce Bundt cake by Kendra Smoot

Recently I feel like I have less and less time on my hands, which can sometimes result in us splashing out and eating out, not always the best decision.  While it is nice to have a treat from time to time, but it’s a shame that I’m not cooking as much as I once did as there are so many advantages involved in doing this.  Here in this blog post, we will take a closer look at what a few of the main ones are to encourage you to do more of this yourself.

Coconut Yoghurt with Blackberries, Cocoa Nibs and Bee Pollen by Renee Kemps

Saving Money

The most obvious benefit to talk about is the amount of money that you will save yourself. When you eat at a restaurant or order a takeaway, there are so many other associated costs to factor in beyond the actual food itself. If you write out a grocery list and prepare a meal plan, you are much less likely to be tempted by the lures of ordering food as you know that it will be going to waste. If you want to be especially frugal, you can prepare big meals and freeze them to reheat at a later date.  The past couple of weeks I have been going through old cookbooks and writing lists for meals to cook.  It has really saved on the amount of money I’m spending during the week as well as the amount of food we were wasting.

Healthier Ingredients

When you order food, you are usually never sure exactly what goes into it. Perhaps the ingredients aren’t as fresh or there is too much salt or sugar added into the meals. When you prepare your meals, you control proportions.

Roasted Cauliflower with Pine Nuts by Sasha from Trending the Table

Cooking is Fun

A simple point, but one that is worth remembering is the fact that cooking is fun! I know I really enjoy it when I’m stressed it really relaxes me.  There is a great sense of pleasure to be gained from improving your cooking skills until you have a set of signature dishes which you can whip up whenever you would like. And there are so many recipes to be discovered online such as these nutritious recipes from Tesco. You always have the opportunity to experiment with different styles of food and techniques whenever you would like.

Brings Family and Friends Together

My favourite thing to do is cook for my family and invite some family over for dinner.  It can get a little stressful but eating together provides a fantastic social opportunity for you and those closest to you to form bonds, and strengthen your existing connections.

Some lovely recipes to consider making, Coconut Yoghurt with Blackberries, Cocoa Nibs and Bee Pollen by Renee Kemps. Or Applesauce Bundt cake by Kendra Smoot and lastly roasted cauliflower with pine nuts for the autumn months coming in by Sasha from Trending the Table

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