Looking good this summer via Ollie & Sebs HausHaving guests over is one of the joys of adulthood, having your own place where you can invite people over and enjoy good food and drink is always a lot of fun. And summer is the perfect time to get everyone together and spend time with family and friends.  The warm weather we have been getting recently puts everyone in a good mood, and with long evenings that stretch on forever. It’s a fantastic opportunity to throw a house or garden party for the ones we care about, however, we, of course, will want to make sure that our home is in order. If you’ve got a few occasions coming up where people will be coming over or want to throw some parties to make the most of the summer then why not use it as an excuse to spruce up your home a little? Here are some ideas.

Looking good this summer via Ollie & Sebs HausIf you’re looking for an excuse to freshen up your kitchen then this is it- when people come over it’s the kitchen which is the room will make the most impact. As well as a space that looks fantastic, how about adding some features which make your home great for parties too? A built-in wine rack or wine fridge, an ice dispensing fridge and a bar area will all go down a treat. Large, open plan spaces with an island are always great for entertaining, your guests can sit at the island while you cook and prepare the food and it’s a nice casual and informal way of doing things.

Looking good this summer via Ollie & Sebs Haus

The majority of the time is spent at home with me and just my family, but it’s important that our home is guest- friendly too. When it comes to your dining table, how about going with a model that extends; that way you can invest in a few foldaway chairs that can stay in the shed and be brought out when needed. The majority of the time it will function as it is when it’s just your family unit using it, but then when you’re throwing an event or dinner party you have the option of making it bigger and adding more seats.  I’ve really been looking around at garden furniture and adding more seats like a sofa outside for added comfort.

Looking good this summer via Ollie & Sebs Haus

It’s good to get your garden in order and have a good tidy up.  This year I have been trying to get all the unfinished jobs completed in the garden.  Even if you’re throwing a dinner party indoors, at this time of year chances are everyone will gravitate to the garden at some stage during the evening. Clear the space of things like bicycles and children’s toys, prune shrubs, mow the lawn and add some pots with pretty flowers for some colour or in my case I’ve stuck to three main colours in the garden white, green and soft lilac in lavender. A nice big outdoor dining set or rattan corner sofa will give everyone plenty of seating to sit and relax and enjoy a drink.

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