This week I have been talking about renovating our home a lot!  Renovating the inside of your house can be just as big a job as renovating the outside of your house. Choosing which room to decorate first is a difficult decision to make in itself and many people like to start with the bedroom. Lots of people want a bedroom that is beautiful, modern, contemporary and comfortable at the same time, but knowing where to start can be hard. Making sure that your decorating goes to plan without any mistakes because we have all be there, I have listed some steps below so you can have the perfect sleep space sooner rather than later.

Styling by SundlingKickén

Make sure to plan 

You cannot begin to decorate without a plan ahead of you. You can end up standing too overwhelmed in the hardware store because you can’t visualise the room that you want or the colours that you imagined in your room when you thought about decorating. Try not to fix up your room in accordance with current trends, because in a year or so when they go out of style you’ll be booking everything in your room back into storage to decorate all over again. Think carefully about the shape of the room and where everything goes.  This is key, as I like my bedroom not to be cluttered with loads of objects. Just take your time and don’t rush the process.

More Than painting 

You should consider whether you want to make changes to the actual structure of the room before you go ahead and decorate. Some people love crown moldings and would put those in first, others like the idea of new flooring or new lights. You need something architectural in the room to draw the eye. Don’t just see your bedroom upgrade as a lick of paint or wallpaper; think outside the box and make it a space of beauty.

You Need A Focus.

Usually, a bedroom has the bed as the focal point. It doesn’t have to be that way if you don’t want it to. Think about the lighting fixtures that you have, or a beautiful piece of furniture you might have. Make your focal point the most special item in the room and you will draw the eye nicely.

Architect Joseph Dirand’s bedroom

A bedroom should be comfortable, cosy and full of beauty. This means pretty colours, warm layered fabrics and lots of light.  I mentioned how most people start with the bedroom, that isn’t really true in our home.  I think if you have kids you want to make a start in their room first and yours can wait.  We have some exciting plans for ours which will start after our summer holiday.

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Saturday, June 30, 2018


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    Wednesday, October 3, 2018

    I’m starting to decorate my bedroom and I want something similar to your pictures. Something white and simple, I just love how everything looks so clean and relaxing. My bedroom is where I spend most of my time so I want to make it perfect. Great Post!


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