via Ollie & Sebs Haus

via Ollie & Sebs Haus

After a week long summer weather bonanza here in Glasgow, it got me thinking of holidays and how there are so many beautiful places right on our door step to visit and stay. After discussing it with Richie, we drew up a shortlist of places we would like to visit and started to plan our summer getaway via UK Breakaways. Two of the places we both really wanted to see as neither of us had ever been, was Dumfries and Galloway and Fort William. As these are at each end of Scotland we will have to make 2 separate journeys, but both during the school holidays, so we can take advantage of the good weather (fingers crossed). The one things that connects both of the trips is that they are both great for outdoor activities such as walking and cycling, they both have loads of scenic routes that you can find in the official tourist website, that as a family can take advantage of. Fort William is apparently known as the outdoor capital of Britain.

These pictures were taken last October when we packed the car and went on a day trip. I sometimes forgot what is so close to me and it is really good to get away and clear your mind from city life and take in the views.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015
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