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You might have seen on my instagram that the other day I decided to paint one wall beside Sebastian’s cot. We had some left over paint from the bedroom and I thought why not, now I’m thinking it might be a little dark? I really like how the Seletti Neon Lights stand out against the wall, but I think I will tone it down and try a more softer grey.

I also think the pink Audrey Jeane print looks great mixed in with the white and the grey. I’ve loved this poster for some time and was a little reluctant to put it in a boys room, but I think mixed in with all the turtles and Star wars toys it looks just fine. Anyway who says pink is just for girls!

4 Responses to Grey wall

  1. katarina says:

    I think the dark wall looks just perfect, however it probably isn’t perfect option for baby/toddlers room. Softer tone would fit much better and still look perfect because that room is just beautiful already. And as for the pink, if Ollie likes it, then it would be fine. It all comes down to them :)

  2. Love, love, love!! What a difference. Great last minute decision ;)

  3. homestilo says:

    i agree- why can’t boys have pink too?! (happy i found your blog today)

  4. Sarah says:

    Where can I purchase this cat print?? Love it!

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