Todays detail Post by Ollie&Sebs Haus

Todays detail Post by Ollie&Sebs Haus

Todays detail post by Ollie&Sebs Haus

Todays detail post by Ollie&Sebs Haus

Todays detail post by Ollie&Sebs Haus

Todays detail post by Ollie&Sebs Haus

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I am hoping this week will be a little better than last as the chicken pox has cleared up. Some details of the living room, no changes just clean and tidy for a change. I am currently looking for something to break up all the black, white and greys maybe in a print or even a cushion with abit of colour. I will know it when I see it.

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  1. smäm says:

    Hope you’re all feeling better. Love your place! x

  2. fiona dean says:

    what a beautiful living room! i’d love my own place but i’ve got a sure feeling that my cat would destroy anything he can get his paws on, and fur would be a disaster. maybe i will have to settle for organized chaos instead of tidiness.

    i love that you have such a comfortable palette, breaking it up with seasonal flowers is a nice idea. having plenty of cushions, throws and disposables such as candles is easy too.

  3. I always admire your home and these beautiful pictures, you inspire me :)

  4. Hope you and your family are all ok now, lovely place, enjoy seeing your blog. Hug.

  5. lauren says:

    this is so inspiring! beautiful styling and beautiful home :) thankyou for sharing.

  6. Taylor says:

    Love your place! Could you tell me where you got your rug, please? I’m looking for one like that. Thanks!

  7. pippi says:

    you have such a lovely place,
    I love it like that monocrom
    Maybe some flowers to give a color flush?
    happy weekend

  8. kristin says:

    So crisp! Just perfect.

  9. Love it!
    Both, the pictures and the interiors!


  10. Oh! Everything looks lovely! Nice rug! it looks much better.

  11. Terry says:

    Love this!! Where did you get your Warhol poster from?

  12. Shaun says:


    Where can i buy that sofa from?


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