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As soon as I saw this Child.ish t-shirt gracing the internet I knew I had to have it, preferabley in my size but was happy enough to settle for it in Olivers size. I am always drawn to strong graphic prints in tops and recently have found myself when choosing clothes for Oliver, sticking to bolder graphics and simpler basics.

I really struggled finding a stockist and was very happy when I discovered that ABACUS had these t-shirts in stock. ABACUS is a great kids online shop, which has a great selection of books and unique designs for your little one to be stimulated and have fun whilst learning and playing, the best part is they ship worldwide! I also find that great looking kids clothes are ideal for displaying in their rooms. It’s little pieces of them and can look so fun hanging on doors or little hooks! And please stay tuned as I have three little horrors wearing these t-shirts!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014
Friday, July 4, 2014



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