Post Ollie and Sebs HausPost Ollie and Sebs Haus

I feel like I’ve become a stranger to the blog. The past week we have experienced power cuts most nights, whilst people do maintenance work on the road outside. This has meant a lot of early nights and catching up with sleep, I am not complaining as its good once in a while to step away from the computer and just switch off from it all.

I am also on a weeks break from my work. It has been so good to catch up with all the small things and start with the spring cleaning….pretty boring I know. I can really feel spring coming, there is a change in the weather and we have been fortunate enough to get out these past couple of evenings for scooter rides after school. I am just hoping it with last. The weather that is, cause I know the clean space will not, come the weekend.

*last night I tried to post this but the electricity went off…Typical.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014
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