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The tree is up! And was joyfully decorated by Oliver and Sebastian this evening. Here is the tree pre-decorated which I think I prefer this way, all bushy and green with no fuss. However, for the boys we decorated it and wrapped around some lights. We also have a adorable miniature tree in their room, which is decorated with the cutest stuff mushrooms, which look great against the green branches. When the room isn’t covered in toys I will take some photos to show you.

Currently the smell in the flat is great just now. It really is starting to feel like Christmas! Now I need to start thinking about wrapping presents, making biscuits and Christmas dinner…..!

7 Responses to the tree

  1. beautiful tree, it doesn’t need any decorations! :)

  2. Pia says:

    such a cute christmas tree!!
    by the way, where is the white shelf from?? i’m looking for these kind of storage racks for my kitchen but it’s hard to find nice looking ones as yours…………

  3. CM says:

    LOVE! I wanted a tree for xmas this year but my boy is too young to appreciate it. Plus he’d try to climb up the darn thing and would probably eat the pine needles. Maybe next year… :)


  4. M.How says:

    Oo i need to get out in the forrest to find us an christmastree to! :) Lovely pics and ispo as alway..

    Love Madde!

  5. Judi says:

    I’m finally de-lurking to say that I, too, love a naked Christmas tree. So much so that we don’t even bring one indoors now that we live in a forest of them–and they’re naturally decorated with snow this time of year, too! In response to Pia’s question, aren’t those the FJÄLKINGE shelving units from IKEA? I believe we are about to put them…everywhere. So clean and so pretty.

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