Post Ollie and Sebs Haus Post Ollie and Sebs Haus

Post Ollie and Sebs Haus Post Ollie and Sebs Haus

The dreaded cold has hit us again and we have encountered a lot of sleepless nights this week. I need a little pick me up and this will do the trick. One sofa with two different styles, Isn’t the collage of print together great!

photo credit: Line Klein

8 Responses to Collage

  1. Elena says:

    Love the collage! It would look great at your place with those the amazing prints you have. Special place for the Heia Circus one, please! ; )

    Elena x

  2. Mariela says:

    I saw these pics, so wonderful, I love the first pic and that sofa is amazing, i wish I could take him from here haha!
    Happy weekend!

  3. Magali says:

    Gosh I love gallery walls!

  4. Beautiful collage you’ve created.

  5. Vere says:

    You’re great! Where can I find those posters?!

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